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SAE flanges, tube clamps & fluid connectors

SAE flanges

Gulf Core Trading & Maintenance: Your Hydraulic Solutions Expert

At Gulf Core Trading & Maintenance, we specialize in providing top-quality hydraulic hoses, tubes, and fittings for a wide range of applications. Whether you need replacements, repairs, or custom solutions, our state-of-the-art workshop in Qatar ensures reliable performance.
Our Services
1. Hydraulic Hoses:
o We offer a comprehensive range of hydraulic hoses suitable for various pressures, temperatures, and fluid types.
o Our hoses are designed to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring leak-free connections.
o Whether it’s high-pressure hoses for heavy machinery or flexible hoses for mobile equipment, we’ve got you covered.
2. Hydraulic Tubes:
o Our stainless steel and carbon steel hydraulic tubes are precision-engineered for durability.
o We provide seamless and welded tubes with various wall thicknesses.
o From hydraulic cylinders to power units, our tubes meet industry standards.
3. Fittings and Adapters:
o Proper fittings are essential for leak-free hydraulic systems.
o We stock a wide range of fittings, including JIC, NPT, ORFS, and BSP.
o Our experts ensure precise installation and compatibility with hoses and tubes.


Why Choose Gulf Core?
• Expertise: Over a decade of experience in hydraulic components.
• Quality Assurance: We adhere to international standards.
• Custom Solutions: We tailor our offerings to your specific needs.
• 24/7 Availability: Our hydraulic experts are ready to assist anytime.
Contact Us
For reliable hydraulic hoses, tubes, and fittings, reach out to us:
• Phone: +974 400-100-72
• Website: Gulf Core Trading & Maintenance
Discover excellence in hydraulic solutions with Gulf Core. Let us keep your systems running smoothly!

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